Our Mission:

StrokeOT, Inc. is a nonprofit organization of healthcare professionals and volunteers dedicated to providing long-term support for stroke and brain injury survivors. We offer virtual and in-person groups that focus on health, exercise, and lifestyle education to advance stroke recovery. We understand that recovery occurs throughout a lifetime when the brain and the body are in action. By creating a community of support, we are improving the lives of those experiencing health care and financial inequalities. 

Our Vision:

We envision that stroke and brain injury survivors experiencing healthcare disparities will have life-long support after hospital discharge. These disparities include health insurance and financial inequalities as well as lack of transportation.

StrokeOT Programming

Exercise Groups:

Upper/Lower Body Stretching group

Upper/Lower Body Exercise group 

Cardiovascular Exercise group

Cognitive Connections group

PT-led Tai Chi Group

Adapted Yoga Group


Social Groups:

Painting Group with Laura

Scattergories Game group with S4S

Book Club with S4S

Walking Club (coming soon)

Quarterly social get-togethers at vineyard and breweries.


Guest-Speaker Series:

Monthly nurse-led group with Brooke Medel, BSN, RN

Ask the Doctor Series with Dr. Raymond

Researchers and scientists


Accessible travel/tourism

Adapted sports specialists


StrokeOT, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization that depends on generous support from the community to keep our mission alive. Check us out on Guidestar.org and donate to our cause. DONATE

A special thanks to our top sponsors:

The Petit Family Foundation

Thomaston Savings Bank Foundation

StrokeOT.org is your online guide to a healthy and independent lifestyle after your stroke.

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