Modified Constraint Induced Movement Therapy

Modified Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (mCIMT) is a research-supported technique to develop new pathways between the brain and your affected arm to "rewire" your brain and promote function in your affected hand.  

Research has shown that mCIMT is most effective when it is completed for 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. Therefore, it is helpful to work with an occupational therapist to developing your home mCIMT program. However, explore the steps below to learn how to incorporate some mCIMT techniques into your day: 

Step 1:

Choose three activities from the Home Skill Assignments list and two activities from the Shaping Tasks list:

Click here to view and print the Home Skill Assignments List

Click here to view and print the Shaping Tasks List

Step 2:

Write the five activities on your weekly schedule: 

Click here to view and print the Weekly Schedule

Step 3:

Perform the five activities every day using only your affected arm.

**Make sure not to use your unaffected arm, keep it tucked in your pocket or inside an oven mitt to remind you not to use it. 

Fill out your weekly schedule to track your daily progress.

Step 4:

Each new week, continue with your original five activities or add new activities from the Home Skill Assignment List and Shaping Tasks List to add to your new weekly schedule. 

Shaping Task Tracking

Below are two versions of shaping task tracking sheets to complete mCIMT at home using the information from our mCIMT tabs. Both sheets work the same, choose based on what works for you!

The following video demonstrates how to apply kinesiotape to support the thumb in an abducted position. This position helps with the repetitive task practice of lateral pinch and release with the affected hand. 

Page last updated 8/2021