Food Quiz Answers:

1. Rate cooking oils in order from the most healthy to the least healthy:

  • Avocado oil, olive oil, canola oil, vegetable oil (beware!), palm oil (beware!)

2. Which cereal provides the most dietary fiber per serving:

  • Grape nuts=14 grams dietary fiber
  • Cheerios=2.8 grams of dietary fiber
  • Rice Chex=0 grams of dietary fiber

3. Which drink has the least sugar? 

  • Fruit punch has 32 grams of sugar
  • Snapple Iced Tea has 36 grams of sugar
  • Coke has 39 grams of sugar. 

4. What are the main differences between chunk light tuna and solid white tuna? 

  • The only type of tuna that can be labeled as 'solid white' is Albacore tuna. This is cut from the loin of the fish and placed in the can in large pieces without any further shredding. The pieces of tuna in Chunk Light are smaller and tend to vary in size. Generally they're a mixture of pieces from varying areas of the fish an also are taken from several types of tuna: a combination of skipjack, bigeye, yellowfin and tongol. When deciding which may be the healthier option, it's important to know that the Solid White is slightly higher in fat, calories and mercury. Solid White is also slightly higher in omega-3 which is excellent in preserving heart health and boosting your metabolism.

5. List 5 healthy snack foods from your cupboard/refrigerator.

  • Examples: Lemon water, fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, whole wheat pretzels, dark chocolate.

6. List 5 unhealthy snack foods from your cupboard/refrigerator.

  • Examples: Potato chips, candy, soda, baked goods (cake, cookies).