Home Skill Assignment List

Choose 5 activities from the list below or download and print the list. Write the 5 activities on your weekly schedule. Most of the activities on this list require you to only use your affected hand. Your unaffected hand should be tucked in your pocket or placed in an oven mitt to prevent you from using it. 


  • Use a washcloth mitt to wash yourself with your affected hand
  • Dry yourself with a towel
  • Remove/replace towel on towel rack


  • Flush the toilet
  • Lift the toilet lid/close the lid
  • Push down pants


  • Apply lotion to your body
  • Pump soap dispenser
  • Use a tissue for wiping nose
  • Hold toothpaste to remove cap with unaffected hand
  • Remove cap of toothpaste 
  • Brush teeth

Bathroom access:

  • Open a sliding glass door
  • Open/close cabinet
  • Open/close shower curtain
  • Open/close medicine cabinet
  • Wipe out bathroom sink


  • Push down or pull up pants
  • Put on a pullover shirt
  • Use a zipper pull to zip your coat
  • Feed belt through belt loops
  • Put on/take off glasses
  • Take down and put up clothes on hangers
  • Pull clothing items out of drawers (socks, underwear)
  • Put dirty clothes in hamper
  • Dust furniture in bedroom
  • Open/close window
  • Turn on/off light switches


  • Squeeze liquid soap onto dishes
  • Sort utensils and put away
  • Sort dishes and put away
  • Wipe down sink
  • Place dishes in dishwasher
  • Operate buttons and dials on dishwasher

Meal Preparation:

  • Spread butter, jelly, peanut butter, mayo on bread
  • Stir or mix ingredients for recipe (not on stove)
  • Pour the milk or juice or liquid into a cup or bowl
  • Stabilize bowl with your affected hand
  • Open/close microwave door
  • Scoop coffee into coffee maker
  • Open/close refrigerator door
  • Open/close cabinets
  • Scoop food with a spoon or fork
  • Set the table
  • Twist off bottle drink
  • Use salt and pepper
  • Unfold and place napkin on lap
  • Hold food containers while opening with other hand


  • Wipe mouth with napkin
  • Scoop food and bring it to your mouth to eat
  • Stabilize food with a fork so you can cut with unaffected hand
  • Hold a menu
  • Push or pull restaurant door


  • Sort dirty clothes for washing
  • Put clothes in washing machine
  • Turn dials and push buttons to start washer/dryer
  • Twist off the liquid detergent cap
  • Open/close washing machine and dryer door
  • Fold laundry using a folding board


  • Use mouse on computer
  • Place stamps on mail
  • Open mail
  • Open file cabinet
  • Hold telephone/dial telephone 
  • Use calculator
  • Money management:
  • Remove bills from wallet or purse
  • Take coins out of pocket or purse

Outside tasks:

  • Weed a flower bed 
  • Turn on/off hose
  • Open mailbox
  • Remove/Place mail in mailbox
  • Lift up mailbox flag
  • Rake or sweep

Grocery tasks:

  • Select fruits and vegetables and place in carriage or basket
  • Select items from grocery shelves and place in carriage or basket
  • Open freezer doors
  • Push grocery carriage
  • Unload groceries for purchaser
  • Hand cashier money or use kiosk

Car tasks:

  • Adjust radio
  • Operate window buttons
  • Adjust car seat
  • Access glove box
  • Put on seat belt/release seat belt
  • Open/close car door

This list has been adapted from the University of Alabama Training for CI Therapy.  


Carolyn Brown, OTD, OTR/L