Shaping Tasks

1. Lift items from a tabletop and place in a basket (eg. tennis balls, blocks, plastic silverware, plastic cups). Time yourself by counting the number of items placed in a basket in 5 minutes.

2. Using a washcloth or sponge, wipe the tabletop. Wipe in vertical, horizontal, diagonal and circular directions. Time yourself by counting the number of times you wipe in 5 minutes.

3. Open and close a cabinet door repeatedly. Time yourself by counting the number of times you open and close the door in 5 minutes

4. Turn pages of a book or magazine.

5. Flip domino or checker pieces.

6. Press a number or numbers on a large calculator

7. Pickup marbles off a table and place on a checkerboard or rack

8. Place coffee stirrers into a bottle or mug

9. Pickup cotton balls off a table and place in a basket or bowl

10. Pickup nuts and bolts and place in a container

11. Fifteen pennies are mixed into a small bowl of dried beans or rice. Pick up the pennies one at a time and place in a separate container.

12. Pick up a water bottle and raise it to your mouth repeatedly

13. Pieces of play-doh are placed on a plate. Use a fork to pick up the pieces and move them to a container

14. A lump of play-doh is shaped like a hamburger patty. Using a knife, cut the play-doh into pieces. To ensure safety, use a rocker-knife or L-knife.

15. Place dried beans or rice in a mug or cup with handle. Pour contents into another cup without spilling any.

16. Switch a wall light switch repeatedly

17. Turn the water faucet on and off

This list has been adapted from the University of Alabama Training for CI Therapy., Carolyn Brown, OTD, OTR/L