Vision Exercises 

You may experience a variety of changes in your vision after your stroke. These visual changes can affect your ability to perform your own self-care, move around your home, read, write, or drive. 

This page is intended to help you learn eye exercises and activities to improve your ability to perform daily tasks.  Check out the videos below and print the vision exercise materials to practice at home. 

Our vision videos were provided by Kim Downs, MS, OTR/L.  Kim has specialized in neurological rehabilitation for over 24 years and is pursuing her doctorate with a specialty in visual rehabilitation. Thank you for your contribution, Kim!

Level 1 (Beginner) Vision Exercises

Level 2 (Intermediate) Vision Exercises

For these exercises, use photos of familiar people (friends, family, loved ones, etc.) 

Level 3 (Challenge) Vision Exercises

Level 4 Vision Exercises: Using Two Eyes Together

Download our beginner exercise sheet!

Download our beginner exercise sheet!

Tips, Strategies, and Activities For Vision Challenges

1. Have you been told that you have a visual field cut or eye muscle weakness? 

2. Do you have difficulty controlling your eye movements? 

3. Do your eyes make jerky/uncontrolled movements?

4. Do you have issues paying attention?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, click on the videos below to learn tips that may improve your ability to read. 

Tips for Reading 

Tips for Reading on Your Computer

Last updated 4/2021