Adapted Home Management

Caring for your home is an important occupation in your daily life. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, paying your bills, and yard work are some occupations that can become challenging after a stroke. 

Click on the links and videos below to explore adaptions that you can add into your home management routine that supports your independence. 

Complete the Lawton-Brody IADL test. 

Video Source: Rosanna Radding.


  • Box grater for one-handed grating

Jar vice for opening jars and containers with one hand.

Carton caddy

Under-cupboard jar opener

No-spill drink carrier

No-spill mug for carrying

Funnel, for accuracy when pouring

Right-angled knife for one-handed cutting

Ulu knife and cutting bowl for ease with cutting

Kitchen shears for one-handed cutting

If you tire while working at the kitchen counter, sit in a tall sturdy chair with arm rests and a back rest.

Instead of carrying items, place them on a rolling cart and push the cart. Make sure not to lean on the cart or use it as a walking aide!

Instead of carrying, place supplies in an apron. 



Adapt your laundry basket for easier carrying by using a suitcase strap. 

Make a shirt folding board out of cardboard for ease with one-handed folding.

Use a steamer instead of an iron

Home Office

One-handed keyboard

One-handed trackball mouse

Book holder

One-handed tape dispenser

Self-opening scissors or spring scissors

Spring-powered stapler

Yard Work

Spinner knob on lawn mower steering wheel

Pet Care

Handiscoop pooper scooper

Foldable pet stairs

The Lawton-Brody IADL test

The Lawton-Brody IADL test is most useful for identifying how you are currently functioning in your home, and to identify improvement or deterioration over time. The test is anonymous and results are not shared. 

Reference: Lawton MP, Brody EM. Assessment of older people: self-maintaining and instrumental activities of daily living. Gerontologist. 1969 Autumn;9(3):179-86. 

Click here to complete the Lawton-Brody IADL test